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@Andreas Kapandreou: a Greek blog about Books, Libraries, Literature, Culture, etc.

Brief Biography

Andreas Kapandreou was born in 1972 in Nicosia (Cyprus), where he currently lives. He studied Librarianship, Information Sciences and Education Sciences in Greece, the UK and Cyprus. 

He has the opportunity to come in contact with books on an everyday basis as he is working far the University of Cyprus Library. Since June 2021, he is also a member of the board of the University of Cyprus

Andreas Kapandreou has published three short stories collection, a poetry collection and a fiction book.

Some of Kapandreou’s short stories and poems have been published in other languages. 

In his blog Andreas writes about literature, books, culture and libraries.

Books by Andreas Kapandreou

"Το τρομακτικό μυστικό του Αϊνστάιν: αλλόκοτα διηγήματα" [‘Einstein’s scary secret: bizarre stories’], (2010), and
"Ο γιος της Μάγισσας: αλλόκοτες ιστορίες" [The son of the Witch: bizarre stories], (2012)
- "Η παράξενη ιστορία του Ευριπίδη Παπαδόπουλου και άλλα διηγήματα" [The strange case of Euripides Papadopoulos and other short stories], (2019)

The historical - science fiction:

and the poetic collection:
-"Το τέλος της Χιονάτηςποίηση" ["The end of Snow White: poetry"] (2017).

Einstein's scary secret: bizarre stories is also available in English as an e-book.

Some of Kapandreou’s short stories have been published in English, Dutch and German.