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Andreas Kapandreou (or Andreas K. Andreou) was born in 1972 in Nicosia, where he currently lives. He studied Librarianship, Information Sciences and Education Sciences in Greece, the UK and Cyprus. 
He comes in contact with books on an everyday basis, as he has been working at the Library of the University of Cyprus since 1996. 
His book entitled, "Το τρομακτικό μυστικό του Αϊνστάιν: αλλόκοτα διηγήματα" [‘Einstein’s scary secret: bizarre stories’], was his first literary attempt. 
Andreas is of the conviction that stories are enjoyable ‘literature schnapps’, which he himself is given to consuming, as well as offering to friends and acquaintances. 
He also published the short story collection "Ο γιος της Μάγισσας: αλλόκοτες ιστορίες" [The son of the Witch] and the historical - science fiction "Ο μυστικός σύντροφος του Ρήγα: η άγνωστη μαρτυρία του Ιωάννη Καρατζά" [Riga's secret companion: the unknown evidence of Ioannis Karatzas]
Einstein's scary secret: bizarre stories is also available in English as an e-book.
Some of Andrea’s short stories have been translated from Greek into English, Dutch and German.